Yu Jae Seok Welcomes His Second Child to the World Today

Oct 19, 2018

Yu Jae Seok Welcomes His Second Child to the World Today
Korean entertainer Yu Jae Seok's second child was born today.

On October 19, Yu Jae Seok's management agency FNC Entertainment announced, "Yu Jae Seok and his wife Na Kyung-eun's daughter was born this morning."

They added, "Na Kyung-eun and the baby are both in good condition. They are delighted to be welcoming another child into the family."Yu Jae SeokPreviously in February, it was reported Na Kyung-eun was pregnant with the couple's second child, and putting an extra care into maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as she was in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Soon, Yu Jae Seok confirmed the news and commented, "I would be happy whether my second child is a son or daughter, but it would be nice to have a daughter."Yu Jae SeokAfter hearing Na Kyung-eun gave birth to a healthy baby girl today, people have been flooding online with congratulary messages like, "Oh a baby girl? Yu Jae Seok's wish came true!", "Congratulations! What a beautiful day!", "Aww I can't believe Ji-ho has become a big brother!", and many more. Yu Jae SeokYu Jae Seok and Na Kyung-eun got married in July 2008, and their son Yu Ji-ho was born in May 2010.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE, 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram, FNC Entertainment)

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