Red Velvet JOY to Receive Emergency Treatment on Her Shoulder

Oct 22, 2018

Red Velvet JOY to Receive Emergency Treatment on Her Shoulder
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member JOY was taken to the hospital during the group's recent concert in Singapore.

On October 20, Red Velvet held its concert 'REDMARE' at the Star Theatre, Singapore.
Red VelvetRed VelvetFive members of Red Velvet dazzled the audience with their incredible performances and lovely stage outfits.

However, JOY suddenly showed signs of discomfort in the middle of a performance, and the other members gathered by her side to check on her.

JOY was seen holding onto her right shoulder and could not follow the choreography properly.
Red VelvetJOY went backstage and showed up on the stage with an arm sling, but she ended up shedding tears and apologized to her fans.

She said, "I really wanted to perform on stage no matter what, but I heard that I have to go to the hospital now."
Red VelvetAfter JOY left early to a local hospital, Red Velvet continued the concert with only four members.

Red Velvet's management agency SM Entertainment further updated, "JOY was diagnosed with muscle strain after visiting the local hospital. She will undergo a thorough examination after arriving back in Korea."

(Credit= Online Community, SM Entertainment)

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