Girls' Generation Taeyeon Sweeps Her Fans off Their Feet with a Romantic Gesture!

Oct 22, 2018

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Sweeps Her Fans off Their Feet with a Romantic Gesture!
It looks like Taeyeon from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation certainly knows the way to win her fans' heart.

On October 21, Taeyeon held her third solo concert ''s...TAEYEON CONCERT' at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul.
TaeyeonOn their way to the Arena, her fans had a certain level of expectation about her concert since Taeyeon had a reputation for being the sweetest member in the group and always has been an amazing performer.

Fortunately, Taeyeon did not let them down and even topped their expectation.
TaeyeonAfter Taeyeon opened her concert with the track 'Here I Am', 'I Got Love', 'Fire', and 'Love You Like Crazy', she expressed gratitude to her fans who made it to the concert.

While talking about how much she cares about her fans, Taeyeon told them that she prepared something special in the stadium to mark this special occasion.
TaeyeonIt turns out, she created her own fragrance with a little help from a perfumer and planted it all over the Arena to provide her fans a delightful experience.

Taeyeon commented, "I hope that you could turn this scent into a memory that you'll cherish for good because I know how hard it is to say goodbye after the concert. I wanted to make a concert that could stimulate all five senses."
TaeyeonThroughout the concert, Taeyeon demonstrated a flawless performance while juggling multiple genres including ballad and dance, while the fans shouted and cheered for her as if they are trying to prove the fact that they were incredibly moved by such sweet gestures.

Her fans kept shouting, "Kim Taeyeon" and kept asking for an encore after the last stage.

To reciprocate their enthusiasm, Taeyeon performed 'I' and successfully wrapped the entire concert.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is planning on throwing another concert in Hong Kong on November 17.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SM Entertainment, 'GirlsGeneration' Twitter)

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