TWICE's 'No Dating Rule' Comes to an End?

Oct 22, 2018

TWICE's 'No Dating Rule' Comes to an End?
As of October 20, the members of K-pop girl group TWICE are officially "allowed" to date.

According to the members of TWICE, October 20 was not just the group's third debut anniversary, but also a day that TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment abolished the 'no dating rule'.
TWICEWhen TWICE made appearance at MBC's variety show 'Radio Star', SANA said, "When we made our debut, our agency told us that we are not allowed to date anyone for the next three years."

She added while expressing a bit of excitement, "It already has been a year since our debut. So we only have two more years to go."
TWICEIt turns out that JYP Entertainment wanted the members to only focus on the music career, not other things that might distract them from their work.

J.Y. Park, the head of JYP Entertainment, is also on board with this decision since he openly supported the love life of the members on one TV program three years ago.
J.Y. ParkIn 2015, J.Y. Park said on MBC 'Section TV', "If the members ask me to meet their boyfriends, I'll gladly take them out to a restaurant and have dinner with them. But it has to be three years from now."
TWICETo such delightful news, fans are supporting the group with comments such as "Good for you!", "You guys have waited a such a long time!", and many more while rooting for them to have a little personal life from now on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= MBC 'Radio Star', 'Section TV', 'twicetagram' Instagram)

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