SHINee MINHO Gives a Specific Reason Why He Wants to Avoid KEY

Oct 22, 2018

SHINee MINHO Gives a Specific Reason Why He Wants to Avoid KEY
K-pop boy group SHINee's member MINHO mentioned he wants to get away from another member KEY because of his constant nagging.

On October 20 episode of tvN 'Amazing Saturday', MINHO mentioned how tough it is for him to stay next to KEY sometimes.SHINeeDuring the talk, it was revealed that MINHO specifically asked for a seat away from KEY to the production team before they began shooting the show.

When asked why, MINHO said, "When we promote together as a group, I'm almost always next to KEY. Whenever he is next to me though, he just doesn't stop nagging."SHINeeHe continued, "I just thought he will nag me even more today, because this is the show where he makes an appearance every week, and he knows it well. So, I made a special request to the production team in advance."

After listening to MINHO, the cast members nodded their head in agreement while KEY simply laughed.SHINeeThen, another question was thrown to MINHO, "I heard that you watch 'Amazing Saturday' quite frequently. Is that really so?"

MINHO answered, "Yes, but it's mainly because of KEY. Whenever KEY watches the show, he laughs so loudly. So, I end up going up to him, as I want to know what he is watching."SHINeeOne of the cast members Park Na-rae responded, "You must get a lot of answers right today then."

MINHO replied, "Actually, I'm really bad at memorizing lyrics. Even for our songs, I only memorize my part."

He then complimented KEY by saying, "But KEY is different. KEY memorizes all parts of our songs, including parts of other members. On top of that, he memorizes the lyrics of our Japanese songs from the start until the end as well."SHINee'Amazing Saturday' is a television show in which the cast and guests play fun musical games to obtain various types of food from different areas in Korea.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Amazing Saturday)

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