IU Impresses Her Chinese Fans with a Thoughtful Care Package!

Oct 22, 2018

IU Impresses Her Chinese Fans with a Thoughtful Care Package!
Just when you thought you have seen everything, K-pop artist IU always beats your expectations.

On October 19, IU showed up at Gimpo International Airport to attend an event in Beijing, China.
IUThe minute she set her foot at the airport, IU mesmerized the public with her beauty while impeccably pulling off a no-makeup look.
IUOn top of her flawless porcelain skin, the combination of a yellow beanie on her head and a cute smile put a smile on everyone's face.

However, her adorable looks was not the only thing that lighten up the airport.
IUIt turns out that IU brought Korean snacks all the way from Korea to thank her Chinese fans who waited for her at the airport.
IUJudging by the various kinds of snacks starting from Gyeongju bread to Gim(dried seaweed), it looks like IU tried to provide her fans as many options as possible.

After this incident went viral, fans commented, "That's my girl. She is always so nice to her fans.", "She's second to none when it comes to taking care of her fans.", "I think that's the reason behind her ever growing popularity".

Meanwhile, IU will begin her large-scale world tour 'dlwlrma' starting with Seoul concert on October 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, 'M3BP TV' YouTube)

(SBS Star)