VIDEO: BTS Welcomes You to Seoul, South Korea!

Oct 22, 2018

VIDEO: BTS Welcomes You to Seoul, South Korea!
K-pop septet BTS proudly introduced seven different charms of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

On October 22, Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled a series of its promotional videos featuring seven members of BTS.

The videos, titled 'My Seoul Playlist', illustrate seven different characteristics of the city with each member whilst bearing the slogan "Live Seoul Like I Do". 
BTSBTS' leader RM introduces 'Extreme Seoul', where you can enjoy various sports events, while JIN brings us to 'Historic Seoul' by watching martial arts and making traditional porcelain.
BTSThen JIMIN suggests his ways to relax in the busy metropolis by strolling alongside the cityscape in 'Relaxing Seoul', while JUNGKOOK presents 'Delicious Seoul', where you could enjoy various kinds of Korean food from Korean barbecue to street food and sweet desserts.
BTSJ-HOPE brings us to K-star Road in Gangnam through 'K-wave Seoul', giving a glimpse of the country's leading pop culture; and SUGA introduces 'Fashionable Seoul' by visiting major fashion streets and the world of K-beauty.

To top it all off, V showcases the art of bespoke traditional Korean attire, Hanbok, and high-end dining experience in the city.
BTSFollowing the online release on October 22 at 10AM KST, the promotional videos will be broadcasted on TV worldwide.

Are you ready to explore the city of Seoul just like the members of BTS?

(Credit= Visit Seoul/Seoul Metropolitan Government) 

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