VIDEO: Lee Hong Gi Dances on Stage for the First Time Since Debut in 2007!

Oct 22, 2018

VIDEO: Lee Hong Gi Dances on Stage for the First Time Since Debut in 2007!
K-pop boy band FTISLAND's member Lee Hong Gi has added choreography to his song for the first time since his debut in 2007.

On October 21, Lee Hong Gi demonstrated his dancing skills for the first time in 11 years on SBS 'Inkigayo'.

On this day, Lee Hong Gi showcased two new songs 'YELLOW' and 'COOKIES' from his second solo album 'Do n Do'. Lee Hong GiFirst, Lee Hong Gi unveiled 'YELLOW', a song which highlights the unique color of his vocal just like his past songs.

'YELLOW' well-blends the sound of the piano and electronic beats together to create a modern rock style song.

In the lyrics, Lee Hong Gi says he is filling the emptiness in his heart by looking at the sky turning yellow during the sunset.

He goes, "Even if you don't look at me nor answer me, it's okay. I just want to stare at you.", "You are my yellow. Wrap around me every day so that I can lean on you.", "When you aren't around, I sense the loneliness again and I begin missing you.", and so on.

Afterwards, the title track 'COOKIES' was performed, and Jung Ilhoon from BTOB joined Lee Hong Gi for the performance.

'COOKIES' is a future pop track that gives off fun and exciting vibes.

It certainly has different vibes to his solo as well as FTISLAND's songs in the past.

Previously during the recent press conference, Lee Hong Gi said, "I initially didn't have any plans to perform with this song when it was made, but I decided to add some choreography as I started thinking about the concept."

Even though it was his first time dancing on stage, it was so great that no one will say that he looked awkward nor was bad at dancing.

If you have not checked out Lee Hong Gi's comeback stage yet, then click the videos above!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

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