iKON B.I Does Not Know What to Do As His Embarrassing Past Gets Unveiled

Oct 23, 2018

iKON B.I Does Not Know What to Do As His Embarrassing Past Gets Unveiled
K-pop boy group iKON's leader B.I struggled to pull himself together during the shooting of a television show as his embarrassing past was unexpectedly unveiled.

On October 22 episode of SBS funE's television show 'School Attack 2018', iKON made a guest appearance.

Before filming the show, iKON members took their time to write down about themselves when they were students.

When the show began its shooting, the hosts gave a quiz to iKON about B.I's school life based on the information B.I provided.iKONThe question was "What was the most embarrassing and cringeworthy part of B.I's past that he wishes to erase?"

The rest of the members started throwing in those of other memories that B.I wishes to erase while B.I just cringed in his seat.
iKONIt turned out the answer was 'mini homepage', which was the most popular social media at that time.

Then, the hosts unexpectedly showed some posts from B.I's mini homepage.

One of them said, "A stage is my house, music is my meal, mic is my spoon, audience is my vitamin."

The other one said, "I'm a rapper, I'll always be a rapper, that's why I'm a rapper."iKONAs DK earlier mentioned a video called 'Wait for me, GD' as his answer, the video of young B.I rapping started playing.

In the video, he demonstrates swag-filled rap, and in the end he says with full of confidence and ambition, "Wait for me, GD."iKONEven though B.I had already lost his energy from all this, the hosts did not stop here; they brought a special picture to show everyone, which B.I's fans forwarded them.

B.I panicked as he did not know what was going to come up, then the hosts revealed that it was B.I's elementary school graduation photo.iKONWhen the photo was shown to everyone, they all had a good laugh.

The photo was of B.I wearing a pair of glasses, and posing with his hand under his armpit with an awkward smile.
iKONB.I explained, "That pose was very trendy among kids my age. The majority of my friends took the photo like that as well."

However, JU-NE commented, "You look like a loser who is just trying to follow the trend."iKONMeanwhile, iKON has dropped a new track 'GOODBYE ROAD' on October 1.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE School Attack 2018)

(SBS Star)