VIDEO: IU Fights Against Tiredness for Days for a Flawless Music Video

Oct 23, 2018

VIDEO: IU Fights Against Tiredness for Days for a Flawless Music Video
K-pop artist IU was seen exhausted from not being able to sleep properly for days to film a flawless music video.

On October 19, the behind-the-scenes video of IU's music video for her new track 'BBIBBI' was shared online.IUAs soon as the video starts, IU says, "Our team has basically stayed up for about four days straight."

Then, she confidently adds, "But I'm not tired at all."

However, throughout the shooting of the music video, she keeps repeating, "I'm so sleepy. I want to go home."

She even playfully says to the camera, "I'm thinking of quitting this job after I'm done filming the music video."IUWhile on a short break, IU was asked, "Are you going to grow out your hair?"

She answered, "I do want to cut it short, but there are a lot of fans who want to see me with long hair..."

Then, she suddenly falls asleep without finishing the sentence, which clearly shows the level of her tiredness.IUAfter a few moments though, IU wakes up from her sleep and comments with a shy smile, "I'm actually trying to show off my charm right now."

Until the end of the shooting, IU unfortunately does not get any proper sleep.

When IU was done filming, she says, "It was really tiring, but I think the music video is going to turn out greatly. I hope my fans like it."IUAfter fans watched this behind-the-scenes video, fans commented, "Her attitude and professionalism are definitely praiseworthy.", "Whoa, is that what it takes to become a popular K-pop star?", "I'm worried about your health. I hope you really get some good sleep!", and so on.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube)

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