Park Bo Gum Finally Grants Everyone's Wishes and Shows up with a New Hairstyle!

Oct 23, 2018

Park Bo Gum Finally Grants Everyone's Wishes and Shows up with a New Hairstyle!
Korean actor Park Bo Gum finally took care of what everyone was talking about for the past few months―his long hair.

On October 22, a picture of Park Bo Gum and actress Song Hye Kyo garnered a lot of attention among public.
Park Bo GumIn the picture, it looks like both of them gave themselves a bit of a makeover and trimmed their hair a little.

For Park Bo Gum, cutting his hair must have been a major step for him since has been keeping the same hairstyle for quite a while now.

But due to the incident that happened last month, his fans were not able to fully enjoy this great news till they see the pictures themselves.
Park Bo GumIn September, Park Bo Gum showed up at an event with a shorter hairstyle but it turns out that it wasn't actually a haircut but a product of meticulous styling.

However, this time was different since his hairstyle in the picture is not something that could be achieved by hours of blow-dry nor hair wax.
Park Bo GumAlso, in the picture, Park Bo Gum shows off a puppy-like cuteness in puffy white shirts.

It seems like he was still in Cuba working on tvN's upcoming drama 'Boyfriend'.
Park Bo GumAfter the picture went viral, fans commented, "FINALLY!!!", "I liked his long hair but I like this one too. It feels new.", "My wish finally came true.", and many more.

Meanwhile, with Song Hye Kyo being 38 and Park Bo Gum being 26 in Korean age, the public is wondering what kind of chemistry they would create.

'Boyfriend' is scheduled to be aired on November 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online community, SBS funE)

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