MONSTA X Shares Kang Daniel's Cute Reaction to WONHO's Muscular Body

Oct 24, 2018

MONSTA X Shares Kang Daniel's Cute Reaction to WONHO's Muscular Body
K-pop boy group MONSTA X's member MINHYUK shared how another boy group Wanna One's member Kang Daniel reacted after seeing WONHO's muscular body.

On October 23 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Idol Room', all members of MONSTA X―JOOHEON, SHOWNU, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, WONHO, I.M, and HYUNGWON made a guest appearance.MONSTA XAs it has not been long since MONSTA X wrapped up its second world tour 'THE CONNECT', the hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked various questions about the tour, including which members are the most popular in each country.

KIHYUN and MINHYUK commented, "SHOWNU and WONHO are the most popular in the States because of their muscular body."MONSTA XWhile on the topic, MINHYUK suddenly said, "I'm not sure if it's okay for me talk about this here, but..."

Then, he started telling an interesting story that happened not too long ago, "We were once invited to the same event abroad as Kang Daniel from Wanna One." MONSTA XMINHYUK continued, "When we got back to the hotel after the event, WONHO and I had some food delivered to our hotel room. As it was room service, we had to put the dishes and cart outside our hotel room when we were done eating."MONSTA XMINHYUK went on, "We were topless at that time, but we were too lazy to put a t-shirt on. So, we just went out to the hallway with no shirt. We were able to do that as we knew that they were only other male K-pop groups staying on that floor."MONSTA XHe added, "Then, Kang Daniel spotted us from meters away, and we ended up saying hi like that. Ever since then, Kang Daniel would come up to WONHO, locks his eyes on WONHO's body, and basically says hi to WONHO's body."MONSTA XAfter listening to the story, Jung Hyung Don responded, "I guess Kang Daniel fell in love with WONHO's body at first sight in the hallway. That's the power of WONHO's body!"

Meanwhile, MONSTA X released its second full album 'TAKE 1: ARE YOU THERE?' with the title track 'Shoot Out' on October 22.

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