BTS Arrives in Korea Wearing a T-shirt Written 'I Love JIMIN, I Am an ARMY'

Oct 24, 2018

BTS Arrives in Korea Wearing a T-shirt Written 'I Love JIMIN, I Am an ARMY'
BTS members JIMIN, J-HOPE, and V are making the public laugh with a special t-shirt that they wore when they arrived at Incheon International Airport, Korea this morning.

On October 24, BTS finally returned home after 52 days of being away for its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF'.

The seven members were welcomed by a large crowd made of reporters and fans.

What caught the most attention was not just their great appearance, but also JIMIN, J-HOPE, and V's t-shirt.

While JIN, JUNGKOOK, RM, and SUGA quickly left the arrivals, JIMIN, J-HOPE, and V took their time to stand still for some photos.BTSThey were all wearing the same t-shirt which was written, 'I support and love BTS JIMIN.' with a photo of JIMIN in the middle.

At the back, it was written, 'I am an ARMY (the name of BTS' fan club)' inside a large pink heart.BTSAfter the brief photo session, J-HOPE ran towards the exit, looking shy and embarrassed from all the attention.
It still remains unknown why the three were wearing the t-shirt, but fans are certainly loving it. 

They responded, "Is it some sort of penalty from losing a bet again?", "So funny! This is the reason why I stan BTS!", "Where can I buy that t-shirt? Please sell it to me!", and so on.
BTSMeanwhile, BTS is scheduled to attend '2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards' in the afternoon of October 24.

At the event, BTS will be awarded 'Hwagwan' Order of Cultural Merit for its outstanding meritorious services in the fields of culture and art in the interest of promoting the national culture and development.

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