MOMOLAND Jooe Reveals a Secret Behind the Group's Most Beloved Track 'BBoom BBoom'

Oct 24, 2018

MOMOLAND Jooe Reveals a Secret Behind the Group's Most Beloved Track 'BBoom BBoom'
It looks like K-pop girl group MOMOLAND's member Jooe had a lot on her mind.

On October 23 episode of KBS2's quiz show '1 vs. 100', Jooe made appearance as a guest and made the audience burst into laugh with her wit.

At the beginning, Jooe made a promise that she will entertain the audience with her dance every time she makes it to the next stage.

When the host asked, "MOMOLAND became a K-pop sensation with the track 'BBoom BBoom', but I heard that the members were disappointed when they first heard the song."
MOMOLAND JooeJooe answered, "After I listened to the song for the first time, I cried. There was a vast difference between the 'BBoom BBoom' we all know today and the demo version."
MOMOLAND JooeShe added, "The minute we heard the song, the members started to call their parents and cry. It's a long story."

Jooe even sang her part in the previous version to help the audience better understand the situation.

Throughout the episode, Jooe gave off positive vibes and put a smile on everyone's faces, but she confessed that it took a lot of time and efforts to be the person she is today.
MOMOLAND JooeWhilst reminiscing about her trainee days, Jooe said, "I have been to roughly 50 auditions and none of them wanted me. And since I lived in Yangpyeong, the outskirts of Seoul, I had to teach myself how to dance. In seventh grade, I eventually went to a dance studio in Seoul but it took almost four hours to commute."
MOMOLAND JooeWhen the host said, "It seems like there's a lot of hate comments.", Jooe laughed and replied, "Even though there is 9 or 10 hate comments, I suddenly feel better when I see one nice comment. Reading malicious comments is actually kind of fun. But you know, that doesn't mean I want you to leave more hate comments."

Meanwhile, MOMOLAND music video of 'BBoom BBoom' reached more than 268 million views.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= KBS2 1 vs. 100, 'MOMOLANDOfficial' Facebook)

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