NU'EST JR Sends a Box of Expensive Mushrooms to Each Cast of His Past Show

Oct 24, 2018

NU'EST JR Sends a Box of Expensive Mushrooms to Each Cast of His Past Show
K-pop boy group NU'EST's leader JR kindly sent a box of pine mushrooms, a type of mushroom known for its high price due to its scarcity, to all cast members of the show that he appeared together in the past.

Recently, comedian Park Sung-kwang shared a photo and few screenshots on his social media account.

The photo was of a box of pine mushrooms which he has received from JR.JRThe screenshots showed a conversation in the group chat made of the five cast members of JTBC's variety show 'Goblin' (July 2017-March 2018).

Comedian Lee Soo Geun first said, "Maknae, thank you for the mushrooms! What an awesome gift!"

Park Sung-kwang also expressed his gratitude, "I'm so touched. This is such a rare kind of mushroom. Thank you."

For both messages, JR responded, "Hope you'll enjoy them!"

In this post, Park Sung-kwang wrote, "Our friendship from 'Goblin' still goes on. JR said his mom sent him some pine mushrooms, and he personally went out to send them in a parcel to us. How generous!"MushroomsNot only the guys of 'Goblin', but JR also did not forget to send one to famous YouTuber 'Big Library', as JR recently made an appearance in one of his videos.

During one recent live broadcast, 'Big Library' thanked JR by saying, "I'm so overwhelmed, guys. JR handed me a box of pine mushrooms."

He added, "JR said his mom bought some naturally grown pine mushrooms. How much is this seriously worth? Wow. Thank you so much, JR and his mom."JRMeanwhile, NU'EST's sub-unit NU'EST W has announced November to be its comeback month.

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