VIDEO: BoA Redefines the Meaning of a Confident 'WOMAN' with Her New Album

Oct 24, 2018

VIDEO: BoA Redefines the Meaning of a Confident 'WOMAN' with Her New Album
Just like she did it with the 'Girls On Top' back in 2005, K-pop artist BoA once again demonstrated an ideal example of a powerful woman.

On October 24, BoA held a showcase for her 9th full album 'WOMAN' at SMTOWN COEX Artium in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

With her 9th full album, she is planning on releasing 10 songs in total including the title track 'WOMAN' and the 4 tracks she wrote herself.
BoAThe title track 'WOMAN' is a pop dance song that superbly complements BoA's piercing voice and satisfies the listener's acoustic needs with a cheerful rhythm.

Whilst elaborating on her new album, BoA mentioned that she wanted to create a powerful female figure that is slightly different from the one that she presented 13 years ago.
BoABoA said, "When I first unveiled my title track, lot of people mentioned 'Girls On Top' released in 2005. And if that was all about proving that girls can also be tough, this one is more focused on portraying the mature and confident side of a woman."

She continued, "I put my heart into this to stress the gorgeous curve of women and to make people see that through my performance. I also did a considerable amount of research on stage costume and stage setting to depict different types of woman as many as possible."
BoAFor this album, BoA wrote 4 tracks including 'Irreversible', 'Little More', 'If', and 'No Limit'―proving her quality as a singer-songwriter.

Even though she said that she cannot really pick her favorite, BoA admitted that there is one song that she got attached.

BoA said, "I think the track 'WOMAN' was the most rewarding and unforgettable one of all. I only had two months to work on that song. Everything happened pretty fast and I had a hard time writing the lyrics, so we kind of had a love-hate relationship. But everything's okay now since the track tuned out amazing."
BoAWhen the host asked if there is anything particular that she does to stay healthy, she replied, "There's a rumor that I love drinking. That's so not true. I stopped drinking and am doing my best to work out on a daily basis. I started to go to the gym again. I've been working really hard to present the public the best version of myself."

Judging by the tremendous efforts she put into this album, it looks like she is still appreciating the fact that she could sing and dance even though its already has been 19 years since she made her debut.

Meanwhile, her new album 'WOMAN' was released on October 24 6PM KST through multiple music streaming websites including Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Xiami Music.

You can watch BoA's 'WOMAN' music video below.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SM Entertainment, 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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