Lee Hyun Mentions BTS JIMIN, JIN & RM's Real Personality

Oct 25, 2018

Lee Hyun Mentions BTS JIMIN, JIN & RM's Real Personality
Korean singer Lee Hyun mentioned what BTS' members JIMIN, JIN, and RM are really like.

On October 24 episode of MBC's talk show 'Radio Star', Lee Hyun, who belong to the same management agency as BTS, talked about JIMIN, JIN, and RM's real personality.

Lee Hyun began, "I'm close to JIMIN and JIN. JIMIN and I are quite similar in some ways. He is very hard on himself. After recording or performing, he would say things like, 'Why am I so bad? I could have done it better.'"

He said, "JIMIN is the type of person who strives to do his best at all times. He always spends time monitoring himself to make improvements."Lee HyunLee Hyun continued, "On the other hand, JIN is fun and playful. When we meet, JIN would suddenly grab my phone and take a picture of himself. Then, passes the phone back to me and says, 'Look at my picture when you are having a bad day."Lee HyunHe excitedly went on to tell another story about JIN, "There was this time when BTS came to record its songs. While all the other members were just exhausted from carrying out their hectic schedule, JIN came up to me with a smile and said, 'Hyung, how do you feel about working with globally popular stars?'"

After having a laugh with everyone at the studio, Lee Hyun added, "JIN would ask me questions such as, 'How does it feel to be looking at such a good-looking person?' as well. That's how JIN is like. I feel comfortable around him thanks to his innate playfulness."Lee HyunThen, one of the hosts Yoon Jong Shin responded, "But I heard that you don't feel too comfortable around RM. Is that true?"

Lee Hyun answered, "Yeah, that's true. He is extremely charismatic and also very smart. I feel like I shouldn't fool around in front of him. I'm sure if I make some jokes to him, he would just smile awkwardly, then walk away."Lee HyunAfter watching this episode, BTS fans have commented, "They are exactly like how I imagined them to be like!", "JIMIN, you are already perfect. There's no need to be so hard on yourself.", "I guess the unique qualities of each member make up the reason why BTS is such an awesome group.",

Meanwhile, BTS was awarded the 'Hwagwan' Order of Cultural Merit for its outstanding meritorious services in the fields of culture and art in the interest of promoting the national culture and development at '2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards' on October 24.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Radio Star) 

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