EUNJI Explains Why She Loves Working out & How It Became Her Strong Passion

Oct 25, 2018

EUNJI Explains Why She Loves Working out & How It Became Her Strong Passion
K-pop girl group Apink's EUNJI revealed why she became a regular at the gym.

On October 24 episode of MBC's variety show 'Radio Star', EUNJI, male solo artist Kim Johan and Lee Hyun, and Jo Bin, a member of Korean male duo NORAZO made appearance at the show.
EUNJIWhen one of the host asked, "I heard that you work out really hard to stay fit. Is that true?" and EUNJI answered, "I used to be quite chubby. But to look like a girl group member, I had to lose a ton of weight. And it took a toll on me."
EUNJIShe added, "In our track 'NoNoNo', there's one dance move where you have to twist your waist. But back then, I didn't know how to use my body properly since I never learned how to dance until I got to Seoul, so I ended up hurting my back."
EUNJIEUNJI recalled, "Once, I bent over to brush my teeth and I just plopped down on the floor. I almost hit my head on the sink."
EUNJIShe continued, "That's when I realized that I should work out more or else this might be the end of my career. Now, even my body shape has changed and everything's fine."
EUNJIEUNJI often posts a picture or video of herself working out on her social media account, and she garnered a lot of attention with her perfectly toned body and intense workout routine.

After the episode, fans commented, "She looks healthy thanks to all that work out.", "She looks fantastic.", "Please take good care of yourself from now on.", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= MBC Radio Star, 'artist_eunji' Instagram)

(SBS Star)