JOY Reveals She Did Not Get Along Well with WENDY When They Were Trainees

Oct 25, 2018

JOY Reveals She Did Not Get Along Well with WENDY When They Were Trainees
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member JOY revealed that she did not get along well with another member WENDY before their debut when they were training under SM Entertainment together.

On October 22 episode of LIFETIME 'Pajama Friends', JOY told how her and WENDY became close while having a meal around the table with WENDY and other cast members of the show.

JOY said, "I depend on WENDY the most out of all members of Red Velvet. Actually though, we didn't get along well at all before. There were lots of misunderstandings between us, and we are just so different."Red VelvetShe continued, "WENDY is very considerate of others. She would put others before herself. But I always thought about myself before anybody else. We became close after this one particular day."

JOY began telling the story, "Whenever I came back to the dorm, WENDY would always ask me where I've been, who I met, what I did with them, what time I had left, and things like that. But I felt uncomfortable whenever she asked me those questions. So, I decided to be straight forward with her."Red VelvetShe went on, "I honestly told WENDY that I felt uncomfortable, and she should respect my privacy. I thought WENDY would get mad at me, but instead, she thanked me. She said, 'I wouldn't have known that you were irritated by me if you hadn't told me. Thank you so much for telling me, JOY.' That's when I came to realize how great of a person WENDY was."Red VelvetJOY explained that she started opening up to her after that day, and they soon became really close.

After listening to JOY, WENDY commented, "At that time, I was only curious about what she did, because I liked her. I had no idea she felt uncomfortable."Red VelvetWENDY then thanked JOY, "Thanks to JOY, I was able to learn how to honestly talk about my feelings to others as well as completely open about myself. I thought I was already like that, but JOY made me realize that I wasn't. After opening myself up, I was able to make more true friends."Red VelvetMeanwhile, Red Velvet is gearing for its comeback in November.

(Lee Narin, Credit= LIFETIME Pajama Friends)

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