NCT 127 Talks About When JUNGWOO Cried While Rehearsing for a Music Show

Oct 25, 2018

NCT 127 Talks About When JUNGWOO Cried While Rehearsing for a Music Show
K-pop boy group NCT's sub-unit NCT 127 talked about what the newest joiner JUNGWOO did when he got nervous for a performance.

On October 24, all ten members of NCT 127 were invited to MBC every1's variety show 'Weekly Idol'.NCT 127Before the show began, NCT 127 members were asked to write down about themselves, and the hosts went through the information during the show.

When it was JUNGWOO's turn, the hosts noticed that he had written his weakness as, "I get too nervous."

YUTA commented, "When we went to the States to perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and what surprised me was that JUNGWOO took some calming herbal medicine before going on stage."NCT 127While JUNGWOO shyly laughed at the back, TAEIL began telling another interesting story, "JUNGWOO actually cried when we were practicing together. He was new to the group, and he had to remember a lot of things at once, including the lyrics, dance moves, and more. I think he felt overwhelmed."NCT 127This time, JAEHYUN revealed, "That's not all. JUNGWOO cried in the middle of the rehearsal for a music show on his debut day, right in the middle of the rehearsal. He was too nervous at that time as it was his first time on stage for a music show. But he did so well despite all that."NCT 127The hosts responded, "Maybe you guys should somehow help him relax."

JOHNNY said, "Oh, we certainly can, but if we all of us go up to him, it will only aggravate the problem. So, most of the time, only one or two people go to calm him down. It's usually DOYOUNG."NCT 127Previously, NCT 127's management agency SM Entertainment unveiled a video of JUNGWOO on his debut day performing 'BOSS' and he was spotted crying in this video.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'SMTOWN' YouTube, MBC every1 Weekly Idol)

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