Sulli Talks About Her Departure from f(x) for the First Time

Oct 25, 2018

Sulli Talks About Her Departure from f(x) for the First Time
Sulli, formerly of K-pop girl group f(x), mentioned that she went through a tough time after leaving the group.

On October 25 episode of Sulli's first reality show 'Jinri Market', Sulli opened up her honest feelings that she wanted to let out for some time.SulliWhile talking with her manager, Sulli said, "When I was young, people didn't take me as a young girl. They've always treated me like I was already grown up. There were too many responsibilities that I had to carry around with me."SulliThen, she gave a reason why she decided to leave f(x), "That's when I began to ask myself, 'Why do I have to continue doing this?' I think being a member of a K-pop group was not for me. That's why I decided to leave the group."SulliSulli shared her struggles, "I had a really hard time then. Not only I didn't know what kind of future was ahead of me, but also no one would help me, even when I reached out for help. I felt like I was all alone in this world. So, I completely broke down."

She went on, "I had a fear of being around people and panic disorder since when I was young, but I wasn't taking any medication for it at that time. It was so much to take in for me, but I fought against it all by myself."SulliSulli lastly said, "Now that I think of it, the tough time that I had in the past treated me with nicer people. There were people who tightly held on to my hand so that I didn't fall off a cliff. They helped me get back on track."

In 'Jinri Market', Sulli will be opening her own pop-up store that reflects her taste, and a new episode will become available to watch on every Tuesday and Thursday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SM C&C Jinri Market)

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