gugudan HYEYEON Announces Her Departure from the Group

Oct 26, 2018

gugudan HYEYEON Announces Her Departure from the Group
HYEYEON, a member K-pop girl group gugudan said farewell to her fans after five months of hiatus.

On October 25, HYEYEON's management agency Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that HYEYEON will be leaving the group due to various reasons.
HYEYEONBack in May, Jellyfish Entertainment stated that as of May 17, HYEYEON will take a temporary break from all activities because of her condition.

While announcing her departure from the group, Jellyfish Entertainment added that even though she will no longer be a member of gugudan, she will not leave the label and gugudan will return as a 8-member group this November.

HYEYEON also left a letter on the group's official fan page to give her fans a proper explanation for her departure.
HYEYEONShe wrote, "From now on, I'm planning on supporting gugudan as a Dan-jjak (the name of the fan club) not one of the members. I've been focusing on school and recovering from my condition, and during that time, I came to this decision after taking enough time think about it."
HYEYEONHYEYEON added that she was able to create some valuable memories and learned many things thanks to the members and the other people who supported and helped the group.

Also, she did not forget to express gratitude to her fans and tell them how much she loves them at the end of her letter.

Meanwhile, gugudan is expected to make its comeback on November 16.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS funE, 'gu9udan' Instagram)

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