Block B JAEHYO Safely Returns from Guam Where Super Typhoon Hit

Oct 26, 2018

Block B JAEHYO Safely Returns from Guam Where Super Typhoon Hit
K-pop boy group Block B's member JAEHYO reassured fans that he has safely returned to Korea after getting caught in the middle of super Typhoon 'Yutu' in Guam, a U.S. island territory.

On October 26, JAEHYO posted a short video of himself standing in heavy rain and strong wind on his social media account.

In the video, JAEHYO is trying to take pictures of the view in front of him, but fails to stand still due to strong wind.

Along with the video, he wrote, "This was Yutu. My plane got delayed for 12 hours, but I have safely arrived in Korea. It almost blew me away."

태풍.. 12시간 연착됐네 후 저는 무사히 한국에 도착했습니다! 날라갈뻔

안재효(@bbjhyo)님의 공유 게시물님,

On October 24, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands―such as Saipan and Tinian were slammed with Yutu, the strongest U.S. storm since 1935.  

Yutu destroyed many homes, cut power and water service to thousands of residents in the islands of the Pacific Ocean.Super Typhoon Yutu (AP/Yonhap)Previously on October 23, JAEHYO had let his followers know that he had arrived in Guam for a vacation.

At that time, the sky was sound and clear, not seeming like one of the worst storms was about to hit.JAEHYOAfter looking through posts about Guam on JAEHYO's social media, people left comments such as, "I'm glad that you have returned safely, JAEHYO.", "I really hope everyone in Guam, and all the Pacific islands are safe.", "Wishing the best for residents of where Yutu hit.", and so on.

Meanwhile, JAEHYO has been hosting SBS Plus HANBBUM TV's show 'BPS' since September.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'bbjhyo' Instagram, AP/Yonhap News Agency)

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