Fans Are Finding WINNER JINU & MINO's Contrasting Lives Intriguing

Oct 29, 2018

Fans Are Finding WINNER JINU & MINO's Contrasting Lives Intriguing
K-pop boy group WINNER's members JINU and MINO's two contrasting lives are attracting the attention of many.

On October 27 episode of MBC's reality show 'Omniscient Interfering View', JINU and MINO's off-stage lives were shown.WINNERJINU and MINO lived in the same dorm together, but they spent their free time completely differently; JINU just stayed at home not doing much while MINO kept himself busy throughout the day.

According to WINNER's manager, JINU always wakes up early before everybody else.

In this episode, JINU is seen waking up early just like his other days, and begins his day by putting a facial mask on his face.WINNERAfter having breakfast, JINU starts watching television, then he basically glues himself to the couch and does not move all day.

The only time he moves from the couch is when he goes to YOON and HOONY's dorm, just a floor above his dorm, to use a massage chair in their empty living room.WINNERBut he also turns on the television in their dorm, and continues watching different dramas and television shows while getting a massage.WINNEROn the contrary, MINO has a productive day in his room and also at his recording studio.

In his room, MINO gets his creative and artistic skills out and successfully makes the one and only t-shirt for his manager.WINNERThe special paints, brushes, and tools suggest MINO quite frequently spends time doing such activities.

After finishing making the t-shirt, MINO leaves to his own recording studio where he works on his music.WINNERJINU and MINO's lives were so different that this episode left a lot of people wonder whether if the two stars really are in the same group.

Meanwhile, MINO recently announced that his first solo album will be released in November.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Omniscient Interfering View)

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