Yook Sungjae's Heartwarming But Hilarious Letter to Seo Eunkwang in the Military

Oct 29, 2018

Yook Sungjae's Heartwarming But Hilarious Letter to Seo Eunkwang in the Military
K-pop boy group BTOB Yook Sungjae's letter to fellow member Seo Eunkwang made everyone burst into laughter.

On October 28 episode of SBS' variety show 'Master in the House', Yook Sungjae wrote a letter to Seo Eunkwang who began serving his national mandatory duty in the military back in August.

The letter started off very warmly, "I hope to deliver some energy to Eunkwang hyung who is having a rough day every day with all that training in the military."Yook SungjaeYook Sungjae continued to deliver emotional words in the letter, "I wonder if you are eating and feeling well there. I still get choked up whenever I think about our last concert together."

Then, the letter started showing a little bit of a twist, "A few days ago, I saw some pictures of you in the army. I was relieved to see you smiling, but at the same time, I felt upset as you seemed to have forgotten about me and are doing well without me."Yook SungjaeHe added, "So, I hope you live happily ever after without me. Thank you for everything for the last 10 years. Take care."

Yook Sungjae playfully commented, "Please play Lee Moonsae's song 'Past Love' with this letter."Yook SungjaeAfter everyone had a laugh, Yook Sungjae explained, "I've spent almost half of my life with the members of BTOB. When Eunkwang hyung went to the military, I felt like someone from my family had enlisted."

He continued, "But Eunkwang hyung looked too happy there. He happened to be placed in the same dorm as Yoon Du Jun from another boy group Highlight as well. They seemed to have adapted well to the military life."Yook SungjaeLastly, Yook Sungjae said with childish written all over his face, "You know what? I'm going to do fun things all by myself from now on, since he is not around!"

Meanwhile, BTOB released a new song 'Friend' on October 23, which the group had recorded before Seo Eunkwang enlisted.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Master in the House, 'cube_official_btob' Instagram)

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