Kim Yoo Jung & Yun Kyun Sang Reveals Teaser of Their Upcoming Drama!

Oct 30, 2018

Kim Yoo Jung & Yun Kyun Sang Reveals Teaser of Their Upcoming Drama!
Actress Kim Yoo Jung and actor Yun Kyun Sang is about to open the new chapter of romantic comedy.

On October 29, JTBC dropped the first teaser of its upcoming drama 'Clean with Passion for Now' (literal translation).
Kim Yoo JungIn the video, 'Gil Oh-sol' (Kim Yoo Jung), a job seeker, showed up with messy hair and in a sweatpants with baggy knees.
Kim Yoo JungBut what's even filthier was her room since she was so carefree that a little Kimchi stain on her white t-shirt couldn't even bother her.
Kim Yoo JungHer room had no space at all because of all the things she laid out on the floor.
Kim Yoo JungHowever, the footage of 'Gil Oh-sol' doing a mukbang while washing her hair with a dry shampoo on her way to somewhere made everyone burst into laugh.

The public is wondering how Kim Yoo Jung would interpret this easy-going and yet ambitious character since she always looks so lovely no matter what she does.

On the other hand, a hint of romance between Kim Yoo Jung and Yun Kyun Sang caught the eyes of many.
Yun Kyun SangBut it appears that it was not a love at first sight since when they first met; as 'Jang Seon-kyul' (Yun Kyun Sang), a hygiene freak froze and screamed, "Look at that sweatpants with baggy knees. It looks like she has been wearing it for a week. What about that Kimchi stain from yesterday? She looks like she didn't wash her hair for four days!"

'Clean with Passion for Now' will cover the love story between 'Jang Seon-kyul', a CEO of a cleaning company and 'Gil Oh-sol', a passionate job seeker who has no concept of hygiene.
Clean with Passion for NowAlso, as this drama was based on the beloved webtoon with the same title, it already garnered a tremendous attention among public even before its first episode.

'Clean with Passion for Now' is scheduled to be aired on November 26.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC Clean with Passion for Now)

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