IU Reveals Her Motivation That Encouraged Her to Be a Steady Donor

Oct 30, 2018

IU Reveals Her Motivation That Encouraged Her to Be a Steady Donor
It looks like K-pop artist IU not only inherited her parents' talents and good looks, but also got a heart of gold just like her mother.

On October 27 episode of KBS2's variety show 'Joy of Conversation' (literal title), IU showed a classic example of the saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

When the host of the show asked what motivated her to be a steady donor, IU answered, "My mother's dream was to open a nursery. When I was kid, I hated that idea because I wanted have my mom all to myself. But, as time passes, I became proud of her."
IUShe added, "She still goes to work to achieve that goal. She never spends my money. My mom started a wholesale jewelry store in Namdaemun market a long time ago, and that went really well. Now she has her own company. But, I feel kind of sad because she wouldn't let me help her."
IUWhile talking about her father, IU mentioned, "My father still has a bit of a childish side, and sometimes, he just tells me what he wants. I like that because it makes things much easier for me to pursue one of my values―filial piety."
IUShe also revealed, "Ever since I released songs about the things that my generation goes through, lots of kids my age started to support me. I wanted to reciprocate their love with a bigger gesture, so I paid the tuition for five kids who got into college but couldn't afford to pay the tuition."
IUIU added, "Even though the track 'Twenty-three' and 'Palette' failed to receive a good feedback at first because of the provocative lyrics, but at the beginning of every year, the track 'Twenty-three' appears on the music charts again and kids who just turned 23 send me messages through social media."
IUShe continued, "That's one of those moments that makes me happy that I chose this path. I think it's pretty amazing that I could build a social consensus with my songs regardless of generations."

When the host asked about her donation philosophy, she said, "My mother helps me to find the foundation that I could help, and then, I make donations and help them grow."

Meanwhile, IU kicked off her large-scale world tour 'dlwlrma' with the concert in Seoul on October 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit=  KBS2 Joy of Conversation)

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