Choi Tae Jun Totally Looks Like a Top K-pop Star!

Oct 31, 2018

Choi Tae Jun Totally Looks Like a Top K-pop Star!
Korean actor Choi Tae Jun transformed himself into a top K-pop star in his upcoming drama.

On October 31, an upcoming romantic comedy drama 'So, I Married My Anti-fan' (literal title) unveiled pictures of Choi Tae Jun at the filming site.Choi Tae JunAlthough Choi Tae Jun just walks, stands, and smiles in these photos, you can sense a charismatic superstar-like aura coming out from him.

This is because Choi Tae Jun will be playing the role of 'Hoo Joon', a top star on a roll, who basically rewrites history of K-pop.Choi Tae JunThe story of 'So, I Married My Anti-fan' revolves around 'Hoo Joon' and a magazine reporter 'Lee Keun-young' (Sooyoung from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation), who is considered an anti-fan of 'Hoo Joon'.Choi Tae JunSince it is based on the best-selling book of the same title, many are expressing their excitement to watch this drama.

One of the production crew commented about Choi Tae Jun, "Choi Tae Jun has worked so passionately for this drama. He has already turned into a K-pop star. He's styling himself to look like one, and also putting in a lot of effort in his dance practice."Choi Tae Jun'So, I Married My Anti-fan' has begun its production recently, but the exact airdate has not been confirmed yet.

(Lee Narin, Credit= godin MEDIA)

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