Super Junior EunHyuk Compares the Past and Present K-pop Training System

Oct 31, 2018

Super Junior EunHyuk Compares the Past and Present K-pop Training System
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member EunHyuk talked about the difference in the K-pop training system of the past and present.

On October 30, EunHyuk attended the press conference for MBC's survival audition program 'Under Nineteen' as a performance director.EunHyukDuring the press conference, EunHyuk recalled his memories from the past, "I debuted when I was 19. Back in the day when I used to be a trainee, the encouraging words from my trainers helped me get through tough times. I believe I would be able to motivate myself again by looking at these contestants."

He went on, "The training system has become much more organized now. I didn't have access to a lot of things that trainees nowadays have. These days, there are many videos to watch on YouTube and places to go to if they want to learn new things."EunHyukEunHyuk continued sharing his thoughts, "I'm jealous that they have more opportunities to learn, but I think that also means trainees are put in to a competitive environment."

He explained, "It seems like there are a higher number of young people dreaming to become K-pop stars than before. The competition has become fierce. In order to survive through that, you have to be talented, and also have your own color."EunHyukMeanwhile, Super Junior released a special mini album 'One More Time' on October 8.

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