TWICE to Celebrate Halloween with Fans Like No Other!

Oct 31, 2018

TWICE to Celebrate Halloween with Fans Like No Other!
K-pop girl group TWICE took the scariest holiday of the year to a whole new level.

On October 28, TWICE held its fan meeting 'ONCE HALLOWEEN' at Yonsei University's amphitheater, Seoul to celebrate its third debut anniversary.
TWICEFans' expectation towards this fan meeting went through the roof since TWICE's agency stated that the members not only came up with theme for the fan meeting themselves, but also prepared multiple stages to entertain their fans.

On the day of fan meeting, the members of TWICE surprised their fans by showing up in hilarious costumes.
TWICEStarting from Catwoman from 'Batman Returns', to Queen of Hearts from 'Alice in Wonderland', Emily from 'Corpse Bride', and Joker from 'Suicide Squad', TWICE's magnificent transformation dazzled the entire audience.
TWICEBut of all, who got the most attention that night was DAHYUN and JEONGYEON, since they literally became the character itself and dominated the stage with their presence.
TWICEThe combination of Annabelle from the movie 'Annabelle' and Kaonashi from Japanese animated film 'Spirited Away' made everyone at the site burst into laugh.

After the photos from the fan meeting went viral, fans commented, "She looks even scarier than real Annabelle!", "They really brought their A-game.", "That Kaonashi though.", and many more.

Meanwhile, TWICE will return to its fans' loving arms with its sixth mini album 'YES or YES' on November 5.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'studio PARN' YouTube, JYP Entertainment)

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