Jung il Woo to Lead a Drama Right After Completing His Duty in December

Oct 31, 2018

Jung il Woo to Lead a Drama Right After Completing His Duty in December
Korean actor Jung il Woo is going to be returning on screen not long after he completes his national mandatory duty on December 2.

On October 30, a source from SBS' upcoming drama 'Haechi' stated, "Jung il Woo and Go A Ra are going to be partnering up for 'Haechi'. They both have confirmed to star in the drama."Jung il Woo and Go A Ra'Haechi' is about one member of the royal family 'Lee Geum' who is technically the prince, but is not recognized as one, as he was born under a mother who was from the low social class.

'Lee Geum' is naturally clever and has excellent judgment, but they are all useless because there is nothing he can do with them.

The story of 'Haechi' will be about the adventurous journey of 'Lee Geum' and three others, including Go A Ra's character 'Yeo Ji', bringing justice to the country.Jung il Woo and Go A Ra'Yeo Ji' is an expert in martial arts and great at making an investigation into different cases.

As 'Yeo Ji' gets discriminated for being a woman, she tries to prove that she can do as well or even better than men.Jung il Woo and Go A RaNot only this will be the first time for Jung il Woo and Go A Ra to be working together, but it also will be Jung il Woo's first project since he began serving his alternative military service as a public service worker in January 2017.

The drama plans to begin filming in December and unveil its first episode next spring.

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