VIDEO: GOLDEN CHILD to Make Your Wish Come True!

Oct 31, 2018

VIDEO: GOLDEN CHILD to Make Your Wish Come True!
K-pop boy group GOLDEN CHILD turned into the Genie in the lamp to make your wish come true.

On October 28 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', GOLDEN CHILD had its comeback stage with two different songs―'Listen' and 'Genie'.

Both 'Listen' and 'Genie' are from the group's third mini album 'WISH' that was released on October 24.
GOLDEN CHILDFirst, GOLDEN CHILD performed one of the side tracks 'Listen'.

'Listen' is a gentle-breeze-like song that is filled with pleasing acoustic guitar sounds.

It is the perfect kind of song to listen to if you want to start your day with a smile.

In the lyrics, GOLDEN CHILD members express their wish to go back to the good old days with their lover who they happen to argue a lot lately.

They say, "Will you please listen to this song? Relationships aren't always easy. We can get through this.", "I get so afraid when you turn your back to me. Don't turn back.", "I'll become a better boyfriend.", and so on.

After 'Listen', the title track 'Genie' was performed.

'Genie' gives off a completely different vibe to 'Listen'; this song is a very cheerful song.

The song shows the youthful and bright energy that GOLDEN CHILD possesses.

The lyrics shows the members of GOLDEN CHILD imagining themselves as the Genie in the lamp to make their lover's wish come true any time and anywhere they want.

The part of the dance where the members move their hands as if rubbing the lamp makes the performance even more fun to watch.

Let GOLDEN CHILD impress you with its superb comeback stage above!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)