BTS RM to Join Drunken Tiger's 20th Debut Album

Nov 1, 2018

BTS RM to Join Drunken Tiger's 20th Debut Album
K-pop boy group BTS' RM will take part in Drunken Tiger's 20th anniversary album, who he has been looking up to his whole life.

On November 1, Drunken Tiger's management agency FeelGHood Music announced, "Drunken Tiger and RM will be releasing a track together as part of his 10th full album. We already finished recording."
RMDrunken Tiger, rapper and a godfather of Korean hip-hop, stated that he will retire from his music career and wrap up his 20 years of beautiful journey after this album.

According to a relevant source, RM gladly accepted his offer and made time for Drunken Tiger despite his hectic schedule, to make the best of this collaboration.
RMRM wrote his part of lyrics, recorded it, and sent it to Drunken tiger while he was on his world tour and did his best to communicate with him since he always has been a huge fan of him and admired his work.

Previously, RM mentioned in an interview with the press, "I grew up watching Drunken Tiger. It's like a dream come true."
MFBTYBack in 2015, RM released a track 'Buckubucku' with a Korean hip-hop group MFBTY, a trio made by Drunken tiger and his wife Yoonmirae.
RMRecently, RM's solo mix tape 'mono.' marked #26 on Billboard 200 in the first week of its entry.

This is the highest record that any Korean solo artist has ever made, and is a solid proof of BTS' growing popularity around the world.

Meanwhile, Drunken Tiger's 10th full album is scheduled to be released on November 4.

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