K-pop Stars to Celebrate Halloween in Various Ways!

Nov 1, 2018

K-pop Stars to Celebrate Halloween in Various Ways!
This year, the Halloween spirit certainly swept the world of K-pop.

Not only SM Entertainment artists who throw annual Halloween party as tradition, plenty more K-pop idols shared their way of enjoying the spooky holiday.

On October 31, many idol groups held live broadcasts or shared their awesome Halloween costumes on social media, showing off their completely different charm to their fans.

Check out the pictures and videos they shared below, and pick your favorite one!

K-pop idol Halloween2. MONSTA X
K-pop idol Halloween3. NU'EST W
K-pop idol Halloween4. ASTRO
K-pop idol Halloween5. B1A4
K-pop idol Halloween6. SEVENTEEN
K-pop idol Halloween7. DREAMCATCHER
K-pop idol Halloween8. GOLDEN CHILD
K-pop idol Halloween9. Kim Dong Han


10. fromis_9

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