Crush Speaks Highly of Red Velvet IRENE's Irresistible Beauty

Nov 1, 2018

Crush Speaks Highly of Red Velvet IRENE's Irresistible Beauty
K-pop artist Crush was starstruck by IRENE, a member of K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

On October 31 episode of MBC's variety show 'Radio Star', Crush revealed a woman of his dreams and confessed that he just can't get over how beautiful she was.
CrushWhen the host asked, "What kind of qualities do you look for in a girl?", Crush answered, "Someone who works hard, and IRENE."
CrushThen one of the host Cha Tae Hyun said, "IRENE is very hard-working. She's the most diligent person I've ever seen."
CrushYoon Jong Shin added, "Now that's what I'm talking about. Nice and clean."
CrushCrush recalled, "It was around the time when I teamed up with Zion.T and released a new single. Then, it turns out that Red Velvet was also promoting its new album. She passed right by me and, I never do this, but I said, 'Oh my god, she is so pretty.'"
CrushHe continued, "I didn't mean for her to hear that. I can't even hear my own voice when I'm wearing in-ears. With my in-ear monitors on, I said that she was so pretty. She laughed. It just slipped out."

Also, Crush shared another episode that made him furious on social media.

Crush said, "I was working on my songs but people were making a big fuss over me. They kept asking me 'Is that true?'. It turns out that someone uploaded a post on social media saying that Ahn Ji-young from Bolbbalgan4, the Korean female duo and I are dating.
CrushHe added, "Then the post turned into an ad after a few hours. They changed the picture after getting many likes. That's why I wrote on my social media account 'I'm going to kill everyone'."

Meanwhile, Crush released his new single 'none' on October 17.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= MBC Radio Star)

(SBS Star)