Kim Jong-kook to Host a New Hip-hop Survival Program!

Nov 1, 2018

Kim Jong-kook to Host a New Hip-hop Survival Program!
Korean singer Kim Jong-kook turned into a variety show host.

On November 1, the production team of MBC Music's upcoming hip-hop variety show 'Target : Billboard - KILL BILL' (KILL BILL) confirmed Kim Jong-kook's appearance on the show.
Kim Jong-kookAccording to the production team, Kim Jong-kook already finished filming the first episode and showed off perfect chemistry with renowned hip-hop artists―proving his quality as a TV show host.
Kim Jong-kookFor the past few years, Kim Jong-kook secured his position as a host with his appearance in many variety shows including SBS 'Running Man', Mnet 'I Can See Your Voice', and KBS 'Safety First'.
Kim Jong-kookAs Kim Jong-kook is known to be fluent in English and has many fans overseas, many believe that he will act as a catalyst for 'KILL BILL' to achieve its ultimate goal―making it to Billboard.

'KILL BILL' is a hip-hop survival program that aims to take over the Billboard, and seven contestants confirmed their appearance until now: YDG, DOK2, JESSI, SanE, Cheetah, Rhythm Power, and BewhY.
Kim Jong-kookThe winner of the show will be provided an opportunity to collaborate with world-famous hip-hop artists and to release a track together.

Meanwhile, 'KILL BILL' is scheduled to be aired in January 2019.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS funE, 'dok2gonzo' 'kjk76' Instagram)

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