Jung Joon Young Unveils Pictures of His Newly-opened Restaurant in Paris

Nov 1, 2018

Jung Joon Young Unveils Pictures of His Newly-opened Restaurant in Paris
The exterior and interior design of K-pop artist Jung Joon Young's restaurant in Paris, France was unveiled.

On October 31, Jung Joon Young unveiled pictures of his restaurant 'MAISON DE CORÉE' in Paris via his social media account.

The first picture that Jung Joon Young revealed was a picture of the sign with him standing in front of it.

The name as well as the sign that is written entirely Korean suggest that Jung Joon Young's restaurant will serve various Korean food.Jung Joon YoungThe wall of the restaurant is painted with bright pink and sky blue which seem to reflect Jung Joon Young's free-spirited attitude, and the interior is decorated with flowers, plants, and vases, showing Jung Joon Young's artistic side.Jung Joon YoungJung Joon YoungPreviously about a week ago on October 23, Jung Joon Young's management agency C9 Entertainment announced that Jung Joon Young will be running a pop-up restaurant in Paris from October 29 until November 17, prior to the restaurant's grand opening next year.

At that time, Jung Joon Young commented, "After all those years of hard work, I finally got to open my own restaurant in Paris. I can't be happier, as I've been working on this for a very long time."
Jung Joon YoungMultiple experts have joined his culinary project including Lee Jun, the executive chef at a well-known French fine dining restaurant in Seoul named 'SOIGNÉ'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'sun4finger' Instagram)

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