How American Actress Aubrey Miller Uses Her Full-sized BTS JIMIN Panel

Nov 1, 2018

How American Actress Aubrey Miller Uses Her Full-sized BTS JIMIN Panel
American actress Aubrey Miller seemed to have found interesting ways of using a full-sized BTS JIMIN panel.

On October 31, Aubrey Miller uploaded a video with the caption written, "Happy Halloween! Couples costume with BTS JIMIN." on her social media account.

Aubrey Miller had put on a cute cap with character ears on JIMIN's head, which she also had put on.

With the same color of outfit and her hands on JIMIN's waist make them look like a real couple.
Back in August, Aubrey Miller shared a video of herself walking while holding this JIMIN's full-sized panel.

She looks like the happiest person on the planet with the panel in her hand.

Judging from the hashtag 'KCON18LA', Aubrey Miller probably had obtained this panel from an annual Hallyu (the Korean Wave) convention 'KCON' that took place in Los Angeles this August.
Some may wonder if she is ARMY (the name of BTS' fan club) and the answer is yes.

By using her social media, Aubrey Miller has numerously shown her love for BTS in the past, including celebrating a member of BTS' birthday, sharing its latest music, and so on.
After other members of ARMY watched her video, they left comments such as, "What a smart way of using JIMIN's panel.", "That is the best Halloween costume ever!", "Aubrey's so adorable! Her fangirling level is above mine. I must work harder!", and more.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'aubreykmiller' Twitter)

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