VIDEO: MONSTA X Gives a Big Shout-out to Fans After Taking Its First Win with 'Shoot Out'

Nov 1, 2018

VIDEO: MONSTA X Gives a Big Shout-out to Fans After Taking Its First Win with 'Shoot Out'
K-pop boy group MONSTA X gave a big shout-out to its fan club MONBEBE after winning first place for the first time with 'Shoot Out'.

On October 30 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', MONSTA X performed 'Myself' and 'Shoot Out' from the group's second full album 'TAKE 1: ARE YOU THERE?' for the comeback stage, and took the trophy home with its new title track.
MONSTA XBefore performing the title track, MONSTA X performed one of the side tracks titled 'Myself'.

'Myself' is a pop-dance track full of sounds that make you feel like you are dreaming.

In the lyrics, the members of MONSTA X compare the feeling of emptiness that they feel at night after a breakup to the b-side of a tape.

They start the song by saying, "My b-side starts when everyone falls asleep.", then go on to say, "The time with you keeps replaying itself even when I try to wind it forward.", "This tape goes on and on, and I'm still wandering around in the memories of you.", and so on.

After 'Myself', MONSTA X's latest title track 'Shoot Out' was unveiled.

'Shoot Out' is a song which well-presents MONSTA X's symbolic hip-hop based music.

It makes JOOHEON and I.M's powerful raps stand out, but also does not fail to highlight the rest of members' skillful singing.

Since wrapping up the promotion with 'Jealousy' in the end of April, it certainly seemed like MONSTA X members have worked on building up their sexiness and masculinity, because this is very evident in their performance.

At the end of the show, 'The Show' awarded MONSTA X with 'The Show Choice', as MONSTA X came in first with the total score of 9,250.

After receiving the trophy, MONSTA X thanked the staff at its management agency, stylists, family, and of course, its fans MONBEBE.

KIHYUN said, "MONSTA X will be that group who always begin and end with MONBEBE!", then all members shouted out, "MONBEBE, we love you!"

Fall into MONSTA X's irresistible charms by watching its impressive comeback stage and cutest acceptance speech above!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS MTV The Show, 'OfficialMonstaX' Twitter)

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