Yu Jae Seok Is in Denial of His Newborn Daughter Looking Like Him?

Nov 2, 2018

Yu Jae Seok Is in Denial of His Newborn Daughter Looking Like Him?
Korean entertainer Yu Jae Seok revealed who his newborn daughter looks more alike.

On November 1 episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together 4', Yu Jae Seok talked about his daughter who was born on October 19.

During the talk, a special host Nam Woo Hyun from K-pop boy group INFINITE politely said to Yu Jae Seok, "I don't know if I'm being rude for asking you this question, but I'm curious to know who your daughter look more alike."Yu Jae SeokYu Jae Seok answered after a laugh, "A lot of people have asked me the same question. Well, I don't think it's easy to tell at the moment."

He continued, "But my wife Na Kyung-eun says our daughter takes a lot of features after me. I'm kind of in denial though. Whenever Kyung-eun says that, I would tell her, 'No, Kyung-eun. Don't say that. We don't know it yet.'"Yu Jae SeokHe added, "I'm trying to calm every member of the family down by telling them, 'It's too early to come to any conclusion yet. Let's give it some time.'"

When another host Jeon Hyun Moo asked him to keep them updated with the news, Yu Jae Seok gladly agreed that he would let everyone know about the changes in his daughter's look every now and then.
Yu Jae SeokPreviously about a month prior to his daughter's due date, Yu Jae Seok mentioned the particular facial features that he did not want his second child to be born with.

He said, "It would be nice if the baby doesn't have the same kind of jaw area as mine."

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The specific reason behind Yu Jae Seok's denial is unknown, but it perhaps has something to do with the wish that he had expressed before she was born.

Meanwhile, Yu Jae Seok and Na Kyung-eun got married in July 2008, and their first child was born in May 2010.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Happy Together 4) 

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