BTS JIMIN Shows off His Athletic Ability and Surprises His Fans!

Nov 2, 2018

BTS JIMIN Shows off His Athletic Ability and Surprises His Fans!
It turns out that K-pop boy group BTS' member JIMIN is quite athletic.

Recently, JIMIN's athletic ability garnered a tremendous attention on various online communities and social media.

The news that JIMIN is actually good at sports was truly a shocking revelation to all his fans since he always looked so adorable that his fans even called him 'manggae-tteok', a type of Korean rice cake.
JIMINUntil now, the fans always have known him as an angel who triggered their instinct to protect him.

However, JIMIN actually has been showing off his masculine side for the past few years whenever he had the chance while enjoying various kinds of sports or engaging in a physical activity on multiple TV shows.

So it was only natural for his fans to go wild when he perfected the 'Invisible box' challenge so easily, a challenge that only a few of people managed to do it.

Whilst watching his natural movement which resembles the flow of water, it creates an illusion that as if there is an actual box below his feet.

lso, JIMIN succeeded in riding flyboard with a flawless posture even though it was his first time to try a new water sport.


He was even able to shift the board and change directions as he pleases since he had an excellent leg strength and a spectacular sense of balance.

Also, he stole the hearts of many by showing off his incredible swimming skills.

After discovering a new side of JIMIN, fans commented, "His leg strength is really something else.", "He is just perfect.", "JIMIN, you are so hot!", and many more.

Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'BTS' V Live, 'BTS_twt' Twitter) 

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