VIDEO: Weki Meki Confesses Love to Its 'Crush'!

Nov 2, 2018

VIDEO: Weki Meki Confesses Love to Its 'Crush'!
The members of K-pop girl group Weki Meki confidently expressed their feelings to their crush.

On October 30, Weki Meki slipped into the hearts of the audience at SBS MTV 'The Show'.

On this day, Weki Meki performed 'Crush', which is the title track of its first single album 'KISS KICKS' that was released on October 11.Weki Meki'Crush' is a moombahton dance track which describes the situation of a girl trying to show her honest feelings to the one she likes.

It is a song that perfectly displays Weki Meki's bold but cute attitude in love, and it is not a group of girls shying out when letting out its feelings.Weki MekiWeki Meki pulled off its powerful yet adorable choreography amazingly well as if it was the only group who could manage the concept.

With its performance, Weki Meki made the entire audience agree on the fact that Weki Meki certainly is the definition of 'teen-crush'.Weki MekiDo you want to know what 'teen-crush' means? Check out the video below!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)