Former Acting Trainer at SM Reveals HeeChul Was the Hardest Student to Teach

Nov 2, 2018

Former Acting Trainer at SM Reveals HeeChul Was the Hardest Student to Teach
Former Acting Trainer at SM Entertainment actor Cho Han Cheul revealed that it was difficult teaching HeeChul from K-pop boy group Super Junior.

On November 1 episode of tvN's talk show 'Life Bar', Cho Han Cheul talked about the time when he used to teach acting to HeeChul.

During the talk, Cho Han Cheul revealed that he used to teach acting to HeeChul, other Super Junior members as well as girl group Girls' Generation members at SM Entertainment in the past.Life BarCho Han Cheul started telling an interesting story about HeeChul, "I taught HeeChul for about a year and a half to two years before his debut. You know how HeeChul frequently talks non-sense, right? He was pretty much the same back then."

He explained, "So, I would describe a particular situation to HeeChul, then ask him to act accordingly. HeeChul was that one student who would ask me, 'Could you show that to us?' instead of trying it himself."Life BarOne of the hosts Kim Jun-hyun commented, "Doesn't that basically mean, 'If you are that good as you say you are, then what don't you just try showing it to us yourself?'"

Cho Han Cheul went on, "But he said it in the most innocent way that I almost did what he told me to do."Life BarHeeChul said, "I was simply curious. When Mr. Cho told me, 'Imagine that your girlfriend has died. How do you think you would feel?', I replied, 'I don't have a girlfriend, so I have no idea.'"

HeeChul added, "Then, he asked me again, 'Okay, but if you do have a girlfriend now, how would you feel?'. I kept telling him I didn't know, because I really didn't know how I would feel."Life BarWhen Cho Han Cheul commented, "HeeChul was that kind of student. I felt great when he didn't come to class.", everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

Then, HeeChul expressed his gratitude to Cho Han Cheul by saying, "I actually took acting classes from lots of different trainers at that time, but all of them were not too fond of me."

HeeChul continued, "But Lee Soo Man, the head of SM Entertainment, and Mr. Cho here were the only people who believed in me and liked me for who I was. I felt so grateful."Life BarMeanwhile, the members of Super Junior are building their career by carrying out individual promotional activities.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Life Bar)

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