Steve Aoki Names Two K-pop Acts He Wishes to Collaborate With

Nov 2, 2018

Steve Aoki Names Two K-pop Acts He Wishes to Collaborate With
American electro house musician Steve Aoki shared two K-pop artists that he wants to collaborate with in the near future.

Recently, Steve Aoki sat down for an interview with Korean press where he shared his thoughts of his work with BTS and overall K-pop phenomenon.
Steve AokiHe broached to talk by giving credit to BTS for breaking boundaries in the global music scene, whilst releasing songs in its native language, Korean.

Steve Aoki said, "Just as Bruce Lee took over the world about 50 years ago, BTS has also broken down the cultural boundaries. They represented Asians, while they sang only in Korean and demonstrated Asian's potential."
BTS, Steve AokiThen Steve Aoki revealed that he is also interested in collaborating with more K-pop artists other than BTS.
MONSTA X, CLHe said, "I really hope to collaborate with MONSTA X and CL. I witnessed MONSTA X's quality projects through social media, and I'm also close friends with CL and BIGBANG's SEUNGRI, even beyond our music business-wise relationship."

Meanwhile, Steve Aoki and BTS' latest collaboration track 'Waste It On Me' entered Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart on the first day of its release.

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