VIDEO: Are You Ready for Kim Dong Han's 'GOOD NIGHT KISS'?

Nov 2, 2018

VIDEO: Are You Ready for Kim Dong Han's 'GOOD NIGHT KISS'?
K-pop artist Kim Dong Han proved that he is incredible at pulling off a sexy concept.

On October 30, Kim Dong Han filled SBS MTV 'The Show' with his sexy charms.Kim Dong HanOn this day, Kim Dong Han performed 'GOOD NIGHT KISS', the title track of his second mini album 'D-NIGHT' that was released on October 17.

'GOOD NIGHT KISS' is a dance track sprayed over with future-based retro sounds for excitement and sexiness. Kim Dong HanNot only the melody, but also every word in the lyrics sound as if it had showered with sexiness.

Kim Dong Han sings, "The time has come, baby. It's okay to come closer to me.", "Good night kiss, I check in from your lips. Good night kiss, I leave no place untouched.", "I don't know what's ahead of us, but I feel like I'm running out of my breath when we have an eye contact.", and so on.Kim Dong HanKim Dong Han has just entered his 20s this year, but he certainly seem to have learned what a sexy performance is already.

Prepare yourself for Kim Dong Han's sexiness that is about to hit you hard!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)