BTS' UN Speech to Appear in Multiple Education and Test Materials Worldwide

Nov 5, 2018

BTS' UN Speech to Appear in Multiple Education and Test Materials Worldwide
K-pop boy group BTS' speech, delivered at the UN General Assembly back in September, has appeared in various academic texts around the world.

Recently, photos of study materials and exam papers asking students to read and answer questions regarding BTS' speech went viral online.
BTS UN SpeechThe speech was for the launch of UNICEF's 'Generation Unlimited' Partnership―in which the group's leader RM urges everyone to "find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself" no matter who you are.

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For subjects such as English, Social Studies and International Studies, the speech has been used for study materials or as exam questions in countries including South Korea, the United States, Vietnam and Singapore.
BTS UN SpeechOne high school exam asks students to read the script and select the correct order, while the other utilizes the event to inform students about the importance of individual passion and confidence.
BTS UN SpeechOne high school principal wrote even an excerpt from the speech on the school's announcement board, instructing students to watch the full video of the speech. 

Meanwhile, BTS recently celebrated the anniversary of its 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign with UNICEF, raising over 1.6 billion won (approximately 1.4 million dollars) to end violence across the globe.

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