6 Celebrities That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Short so Badly!

Nov 6, 2018

6 Celebrities That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Short so Badly!
There is one struggle that every girl goes through―Whether to cut their hair or not.

Every now and then, short hair can be a useful tool since we can do everything with it from cute and fresh to elegant and classy.

Also, the desire to cut our hair short gets even worse and more irresistible when the actress or the member of a K-pop girl group shows up with a new hairstyle.

If you can't shake off those strong temptations and thinking about leaning into it, here are six celebrities who would act as a great catalyst for your urge.

1. Actress Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young caught the eyes of the public with her straight short hair with no bangs.
Park Bo YoungHer new hairstyle gave off a calm, but sophisticated vibe and brought out the loveliness and cuteness in her.
Park Bo YoungHowever, it looks like whether she cuts her hair short or not, her adorable looks never changes.

2. Actress Kim tae Ri

After filming tvN's drama 'Mr. Sunshine' (literal title), Kim tae Ri surprised the public with a new hairstyle.
Kim tae RiA short hair with no bangs and a bit of curl at the end brought out the best features of her face―huge eyes, little nose, and plumped lips.
Kim tae RiThanks to this picture of her, many women suffered from a little known condition 'short hair disease' and had a hard time recovering from it.

3. Actress Shin Ye Eun

Shin Ye Eun secured her position as a promising rookie actress by making appearance in the beloved web drama 'A-TEEN'.
Shin Ye EunNow, the short hairstyle became her trademark but it turns out that before she took the role in 'A-TEEN', she actually had a long hair for eight years.
Shin Ye EunAfter the drama went viral among teenagers, copying her hairstyle and fashion became a craze.

4. Actress Jeon So Min

According to Jeon So Min, she cut her hair for her role in a upcoming film.
Jeon So MinWhen she showed up with a new look, everyone was surprised by her makeover since her new hairstyle made her appear like a member of a K-pop girl group.
Jeon So MinIt looks lke her short hair and see-through bangs were exactly what she needed.

5. K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyo-ri demonstrated a classic example of chic and sophisticated look with her short hair.
Lee Hyo-riThe combination of blunt bangs and messy short hair was a perfect addition to her look since the way she pulled off that hairstyle was so impeccable that every picture she took became a masterpiece.
Lee Hyo-riAlso, the bold and avant-garde make up perfectly tied up the whole outfit together and complimented her new hairstyle.

6. Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jung

Choi Yoo-jung's hairstyle reminded everyone of one specific character from a film―'Mathilda' from a 1994 film 'Leon'.
Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jungThis hairstyle, which is often called as 'Lego Hair', was the perfect fit for her latest album since it not only doubled her cuteness, but also brought out the subtle sexiness in her.
Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jungAfter seeing her complete transformation, fans commented, "How could she be this beautiful?", "Please keep this hairstyle forever", "She looks even more beautiful", and many more.

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