Kim Yoo Jung Gets Romantic with Yun Kyun Sang

Nov 6, 2018

Kim Yoo Jung Gets Romantic with Yun Kyun Sang
Korean actress Kim Yoo Jung was spotted getting all lovey-dovey with actor Yun Kyun Sang.

On November 5, Kim Yoo Jung and Yun Kyun Sang's upcoming drama 'Clean with Passion for Now' unveiled a cute poster of the two.

In the poster, Kim Yoo Jung sits on a washing machine and Yun Kyun Sang lightly kisses her cheek.

On the right side of the poster, it is written with an eye-catching sentence that says, "An adorable germ has come to a guy who is obsessed with being clean."

'Clean with Passion for Now' will portray romance between the CEO of a cleaning company 'Jang Seon-kyul' (Yun Kyun Sang), who thinks being clean is the most important thing in life, and 'Gil Oh-sol' Kim Yoo Jung) who gets a job at his company even though she is far from being a clean person.Kim Yoo Jung and Yun Kyun SangIn the teaser videos that were released recently, the contrasting characters are clearly shown.

In Kim Yoo Jung's character teaser video, Yun Kyun Sang says, "Look at those sweatpants with baggy knees. It looks like she has been wearing it for a week. What about that kimchi stain on her t-shirt from yesterday? She looks like she hasn't washed her hair for like four days, but why do I...?", then shakes his head.

In Yun Kyun Sang's character teaser video, he uses all equipment he has to get a stain off a window, but Kim Yoo Jung comes along and wipes it off with her saliva, which completely shocks him.

The videos are making a lot of people laugh, and also wonder how the two different people will end up falling in love.

'Clean with Passion for Now' is scheduled to broadcast its first episode on November 26.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Clean with Passion for Now, 'JTBC Drama' YouTube)

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