VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Claims He Used to Hide Love Letters for His Ex?

Nov 6, 2018

VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Claims He Used to Hide Love Letters for His Ex?
Korean singer Kim Jong-kook talked about how he used to be romantic to his ex-girlfriend.

On November 4 episode of SBS 'My Little Old Boy', Kim Jong-kook revealed his way of being romantic.

In this episode, Kim Jong-kook, singer HAHA, and comedian Yang Se-chan were seen having a conversation about their past relationship in a van.Kim Jong-kookFirst, Yang Se-chan said, "I've never really prepared anything special for my ex. I only used to write letters every now and then."

HAHA responded, "Isn't that the best kind of thing you could do?"

Kim Jong-kook commented, "I used to do that a lot in the past as well.", then suddenly stopped talking in embarrassment.Kim Jong-kookAs Yang Se-chan insisted on telling them about it, Kim Jong-kook opened up, "This was a long time ago though."

Kim Jong-kook told his story, "I used to pick my ex-girlfriend up after work, and she had a habit of looking at herself in the sun visor."Kim Jong-kookThe singer continued, "I used to hide a letter in there, so when she would open the sun visor, the letter would fall onto her."

He added, "I frequently hid letters around places. Then, I would heartlessly tell her, 'Why don't you have a look there?', and things like that."

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook has recently confirmed to host a new hip-hop variety show 'Target : Billboard - KILL BILL' that is to air in January 2019.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy)

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