VIDEO: SJ Messages Fans in Celebration of the Group's 13th Anniversary

Nov 6, 2018

VIDEO: SJ Messages Fans in Celebration of the Group's 13th Anniversary
The members of K-pop boy group Super Junior warmed fans' hearts by sending them a heartfelt message in celebration of their 13th debut anniversary.

On November 5, Super Junior's management agency SM Entertainment uploaded a video especially for E.L.F. (the name of Super Junior's fan club) as Super Junior welcomed its 13th debut anniversary.

The video started off with the leader LeeTeuk sending a message to E.L.F. by saying, "If it wasn't for E.L.F., we wouldn't have been able to receive this much support and love for 13 years. I would like to keep sending this sort of message to E.L.F. on our 23rd anniversary, 33rd anniversary, and 43rd anniversary."Super JuniorThen, YeSung, Siwon, ShinDong, HeeChul, and RyeoWook also expressed their gratitude by saying, "I can't believe that it's been 13 years already. Time flies. I hope we'll keep being happy with each other. Thank you for loving us!"Super JuniorLastly, DongHae and EunHyuk commented, "For the last 13 years, we have made lots of great memories together. Many things happened along the way as well. Just like what E.L.F. stands for, Ever Lasting Friends, we hope you will always be with us."Super JuniorThey delivered the delightful news as well, "We also have some great news for you guys. Super Junior's light stick now has an official name! It's called 'Super Wand'! Please bring your 'Super Wand' with you to 'SUPER SHOW'. We will be taking ours too! Thank you, bye!"

Not only this video contained sincere messages from eight members of Super Junior, but it also included 300 different pictures of E.L.F. around the world, which made it much more meaningful.

Debuted in 2005, Super Junior soon risen up to be one of the most popular K-pop boy groups in the world with hit songs including 'SORRY, SORRY', 'Mr. Simple', 'BONAMANA', and many more.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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